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About Me

After 4 years of depression + getting fired at the beginning of the pandemic, I launched PER to help men regain their sense of direction, motivation, and purpose while creating healthy life habits.How I got here...I had a bit of success in my career up until that point: winning awards, attending President’s Clubs, and moving from SF to NYC for a big promotion.But after 7 years in sales, I found myself burnt out and stuck on the hamster wheel of chasing status, promotions, commission checks, and playing corporate politics. Then the struggles compounded: depression, feeling directionless, lacking purpose, no motivation, no energy, and 20 extra pounds of pizza & beer weight.I was fed up with tying my self-worth to career success... I knew there had to be more to life.Fired from my job 5 months into the pandemic, I made a commitment to get mentally & physically healthy while living the life I wanted.I became laser-focused on improving my mental & physical health to create a life I loved after years of having no direction.Then I started a company focused on helping guys do the same.Now I help men regain a sense of direction while improving their health & happiness using the framework I've built with everything I've learned.Here's how I can help:

  • 1:1 Coaching helping men get unstuck, regain their sense of purpose, and build healthy life habits

  • PER Wellness Community built specifically for men

  • Weekly Dose newsletter with actionable mindset & wellness tips every Saturday

  • Speaking engagements around mental health, performance, health, and entrepreneurship

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